The beginnings of the Australian Buffalo Milking and Cheese industry started in Camperdown Victoria when the Haldanes imported buffalo from Italy and Bulgaria in the mid 1990’s.

Roger and Sue Haldanes started their buffalo cheese making under the Purrumbete label. When they out grew the factory in Camperdown they built a factory in Yambuk and in 2000 they shifted the family, herd and processing to the banks of the Shaw River.

“Our herd of Milking Buffalo are rather unique in status. Since the outbreak of Mad Cow disease throughout Europe we remain the only the source of purebred Italian Milking Buffalo which can supply disease free animals to the world market”. Shaw River Buffalo Cheese.

They are Australia’s only Purebred Italian/Riverine Buffalo herd.

“It all starts at the farm where the buffalo are cared for milked and raised by loving staff who understand that a buffalo who is happy will produce more milk, remain healthier and live longer. We try to create a low stress environment, which extends to our choice to milk only once a day”. Thea Royal, Shaw River Buffalo Cheese.

Buffalo milk has a naturally mild, sweet taste and is 30% lower in cholesterol than cows milk and is a rich source of Calcium, protein and vitamins. It is also 2 to 4 times higher in antioxidants.

“Due to seasonal variations in milk composition the cheese making process is ever changing”. With five children there was never a shortage of helping hands with all of the livestock adventures the family have been involved in. Their middle daughter Thea manages the admin, manufacturing and promotional side of the business & her husband Andrew Royal, spent many years as chief cheese maker and manager at the factory before moving onto other things.  Son Ewan manages the livestock, export and oversees the farm management. Eldest daughter Amy manages the Haldane Icelandic horse stud and moonlights with her other sisters Skye and Erin, helping out with marketing, cheese tastings and promotions.

“We now have about 400 head of buffalo with approx 250 of those active in the milking herd”.

Thea Royal, Shaw River Buffalo Cheese.

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