Jack Holman has been making cheese at The Yarra Valley Dairy for 19 years. On a trip to India 25 years ago, Jack met three third-generation French cheesemakers whilst on his travels. After visiting their farm in Southern France and experiencing firsthand the art of cheese making, the course of his life was changed forever. Over two decades on, Jack is an award-winning cheesemaker, combining the skills he learned in Europe with his own distinct Australian style. “Each cheese you make needs to be understood in its own unique environment,” says Jack. “A cheese made in the south of France may take on an entirely new character when made here in the Yarra Valley”.

“My favourite cheese to make (and eat) is Bullseye, a semi-hard cooked curd cows milk cheese,’ says Jack. “It matures for 12 months, so it’s not just about the day you make it, but the journey the cheese takes for that year. I love melted cheese by the campfire – you might toast a marshmallow, but I cook a piece of Bullseye on a stick!”

Jack regularly draws inspiration from his experience in France and his love of the Australian bush to create his unique cheeses. 

“As a cheesemaker you need to respect each cheese for what it is and understand the journey that cheese needs to take. It’s not just about making cheese on the day but the maturation of that cheese as well.” 

The Dairy now produces an impressive 25 varieties of cheese including cows and goats milk curds, fettas, semi-mature and mature white moulds

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