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Le Campagnier and Buche d’Affinois ‘Bruschetta’

Le Campagnier and Buche d’Affinois ‘Bruschetta’

Thanks to From My Little Kitchen for these delicious suggestions using 2 of our favourite d’Affinois cheeses from Fromagerie Guilloteau.

Brush slices of sourdough generously with olive oil on both sides, then repeat with honey. Fry on a griddle pan on medium heat for 3-4 minutes each side until golden. Then top each with a thick slice of Le Campagnier and Buche d’Affinois. To finish the Le Campagnier tartine, add freshly sliced figs, thyme and walnuts and to finish the Buche d’Affinois, add sliced turkish apricots, pepitas and black pepper. Then savour to the last bite.

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