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Meredith Dairy

Meredith Dairy

'Meredith Dairy was created out of a love for food, the land and farming.'

In 1989 Sandy & Julie Cameron, left city jobs to start life on the family farm. “We planned to be sheep farmers and wool was in demand”. Within two years however the wool industry was in crisis. A huge stock pile of wool flooded the market and prices collapsed. “Desperation calls for Innovation”.  “We still had enthusiasm, energy, determination and a flock of sheep”, says Julie.  A chance meeting with a cheesemaker ignited the possibility of milking the sheep and making cheese, “the best blue cheese in the world is made from sheep milk”….

By August 1991 Julie and Sandy had a converted ship container, a small milking parlour and 50 unpasteurised sheeps milk blue cheeses. They named this wild cheese “Meredith Blue”. Other sheep milk products followed,  including Natural Yoghurts and white mould cheeses. In 1995 they went on to purchase their first goats and by the end of that year started making fresh goat dairy products to compliment the sheep cheeses.

"Value adding milk from our own animals just seemed natural. Making cheese gave us the opportunity to be creative, innovative but above all good farmers."

Meredith Dairy is located at Meredith in Victoria, Australia approximately 100km west of Melbourne. Along with Dairying, the farm grows wheat, barley and other grains for the dairy animals. The Cameron family are acutely aware of climate change and its consequences. Farm activities must be sustainable to ensure the dairy remains viable. Meredith Dairy has been a leader in landcare and environmental actions. 

“Growing up on a farm gives you a deep care and understanding of the land. Its health is critical to the success of the farm and future generations. As land owners it is our responsibility to manage the land so that we can prosper, but also care for the wildlife and plants that exist. Every decision we make is viewed through a long term lens. Being sustainable,  environmentally, economically and socially is our focus. 20% of our farm is set aside for conservation and promotion of the native ecology. We use only renewable power including creating energy from waste and solar. Annual tree planting off sets carbon,  further reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.”  Julie Cameron, Meredith Dairy.

With an impressive list of accolades and awards such as the Landcare Primary Producer Award, DIAA Products award, Champion – Grand Dairy Award, Victorian Farm Entrepreneur and an endless list of Australian and International merit; these are just a small representation of the quality represented and recognised within the range. 

“We want our consumers to know that the cheese has been made on our farm, with integrity, we care for our land and animals and strive daily to produce the best products”. Julie Cameron, Meredith Dairy 

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