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National Distribution Centre

Welcome to the Calendar Cheese NDC

The National Distribution Centre is a 7313 m2 facility located West of Melbourne that opened in 2020. The NDC is located in the Drystone Industrial Estate in Truganina and the delivery address is 154 Foundation Road. Truck access is via Calendar Way on the first roundabout from Leakes Road.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday – 24 hours
Friday – 6am – 12pm
Sat/Sunday: Closed

DC Number


Delivery Address

154 Foundation Road
Victoria 3029

Pallet Account Details

CHEP: 4000191865 (14 Delay Days)
Loscam: N/A

GPS Coordinates

-37.838220, 144.761408

Distribution Centre Size


Facts and Figures

  • The NDC occupies a total area of approx. 17,000 sqm and is situated approximately 17kms southwest from Melbourne. 
  • The DC is a 7,313 sqm facility incorporating receiving and despatch docks a site layout that is optimal for one way traffic flow and support for B-Doubles
  • Has a manual racking layout with Carton and Pallet live storage, receipt and despatch dock office.
  • 3 Temperature controlled areas for Dairy, Confectionery and Future Freezer
  • 3 finger docks to ensure cold chain compliance and 1 flush docks, large hardstand area for easy of traffic management

Vendor Information

All deliveries are required to arrive within the desired temperature range

  • Cheese / Dairy / Chilled : 4 degrees
  • Chocolate / Dry Goods: Controlled Ambient

Our modern NDC is built with safety and efficiency in mind. As such, there will be an extra focus by our suppliers to ensure compliance is meet on the following:

  • Safe carton lifting weights (maximum 16 kg)
  • Accurate Palletisation (Ti-Hi)
  • Inspection of all cartons (correct quantity and quality)
  • The condition of the Pallets received (no loose boards)
  • No stock overhangs on pallets
  • The standard of how well the pallets are wrapped, e.g. no plastic “dags”


  • Pallets must be to Australian standards and of good quality.
  • Pallets cannot be used if there are missing pallet boards.
  • Any deterioration of quality in your pallets supplied may cause OH&S issues within our NDC and may result in the rejection of your order and re-delivery at your cost

It is advisable that in advance of your deliveries coming into the NDC, you discuss these requirements with your pallet provider so as to ensure there are no issues from your first receipt.

Pallet Account Details:

CHEP: 4000191865 (14 delay days)
Loscam: N/A
Pallet Queries: Jayson Delapena –

Driver Safety

Drivers will be asked to complete an induction to the site on their first visit. The following safety rules must apply to all deliveries and pickups from the National Distribution Centre. Failure to comply with these safety instructions may mean you are asked to leave the site.


  • No passengers (other than drivers in training) are to accompany the driver onto the dock or NDC floor
  • Personal protective equipment must be worn.
  • The site is a safety vest/high visibility clothing designated area. Anyone visiting the area must have safety vest/high visibility clothing for the duration of their visit.
  • Drivers must wear safety footwear (enclosed steel capped boots)
  • Whilst unloading is in process – The Driver is to remain outside their vehicle on the dock adjacent to their vehicle or otherwise as directed by the receiving teams.
  • For your safety, no children under the age of 15 are permitted on the site.

Driver and Visitor Safety Induction

All visitors to the Calendar Cheese NDC including Drivers and Contractors are required to complete an online induction via Google Forms.

This induction provides a general overview of Occupational Health & Safety and other requirements whilst engaged at Calendar Cheese Company. More detailed operational details are provided for specific roles and positions.

To complete the induction please visit the following link or click scan the QR code: Calendar Cheese NDC Induction


Site Evacuation Plan

The following is the evacuation site plan for the Calendar Cheese NDC. The site consist of 2 emergency evacuation points near the main car-park entry and the truck exit gates. In the event of an evacuation you are required to muster at these locations until given the all clear. 

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