Our Story


We are the leading distributor of Australian and International specialty cheese, servicing premium retailers, restaurants & airlines, across Australia.

We offer an extensive selection of quality cheeses sourced from the best dairies & affineurs from around the world. Building a network of relationships we are able to offer exclusive, limited & competitive ranging.

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Calendar Cheese Company is composed of a dedicated team of cheese-professionals, ex-chefs, food lovers & industry professionals. We are ardent about our selection of cheeses & how they are cared for. Together, with our responsive customer service team, our passionate sales force, efficient warehouse department and everyone else in-between, we are able to offer an extensive range of benchmark cheeses, unique educational workshops and masterclasses, hands on expertise’s & consistent care & quality.


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Over 450 cheeses & growing.

The name Calendar Cheese was inspired by the aboriginal custom of using the flowering of particular “Calendar trees” to mark the changing of the seasons. The flowering indicated the best time of year for certain bush tucker.

A dedicated team of industry professionals.

All natural cheeses vary with the seasons according to animal husbandry and diet. In Australia, almost all our cows are grass fed year round; the variables affecting milk quality have an important influence, particularly on genuine farmhouse cheeses. Similar seasonal factors affect speciality cheeses made from the milk of ewes, goats and buffaloes.

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