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Beppino Occelli

Beppino Occelli started his activities in the dairy business in 1976. His cheese creations stem from interpretations of traditional products that have grown out of his deep and indissoluble love for the land of his birth: the Langhe and the Alps.

Beppino Occellis ‘Milky Way’ spans from the Langa, onto the Cuneo and up through the pastures in Castelmagno and Valgrana to reach Valcasotto where the best wheels of mountain cheeses rest and mature in his antique ageing cellars.

It is in the Farigliano cheese dairy, a small workshop in Langa, where the most famous “gems” in the Occelli collection are produced. The large mountain cheeses rest on wooden shelves for long periods of time to help develop their flavour and enhance their structure.

Humidity in the cellars is controlled by gravity-fed, pure spring water transported through a series of wooden troughs, while each room is temperature controlled.

Our flavours cannot be described, you have to taste them.

Beppino Occelli.

Milk and range vary in accordance to the availability of the seasons.

Beppino Occelli Product Range