Washed Rind

Washed Rind cheeses are best known for their powerful aroma and amber-coloured rind; the result of bacterial microflora (Brevibacterium linens) that develop on the moist rind of the cheese after being submerged, smeared or rubbed in any one of brine, beer, wine or spirits.

Like White Mould cheeses, these are surface-ripened and range from soft and silky to firm and smooth. Some examples have a mixed rind that also includes mould. Whilst some are notoriously stinky with strong, meaty flavour, others are mild and sweet with delicate savoury notes and a yeasty finish.  Mauri Taleggio PDO, Woombye Cheese Company Blackall Washed Rind and Petit Munster from Haxaire are excellent examples.

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