Berry's Creek Gourmet Cheese Riverine Blue 150g

This award winning buffalo milk blue cheese has a soft and creamy texture with a light green, blue veining throughout.

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Barry Charlton specialises in blue cheese. We affectionately refer to him as Australia’s ‘Master of Blue’. Barry, along with his partner Cheryl Hulls, established Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese in 2007 in one of the most picturesque parts of Gippsland. Together they have produced an extensive range of award winning cheese. Accolades include The Australian Grand Dairy Awards, The Melbourne Fine Food Awards, and The World Cheese Awards. With over 40 years of experience in cheese making, their skills and experience are well recognized in the cheese world and they are often invited to judge at international events. 

After a reign of success with cow’s milk cheeses, Barry created Riverine Blue, a cheese made from 100% buffalo’s milk. This strikingly white, creamy milk comes from a modest herd of Riverine Buffalo that graze nearby.   

Barry collects the milk, adding a special blend of cultures back at the dairy. After the curds are set, they are placed in moulds to drain before spending two month’s ripening in specially built maturation rooms overlooking Wilson’s Prom.

Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese’s Riverine is the first of its kind made in Australia and one of only a few buffalo’s milk blue cheeses made in the world. It has a complex savoury flavour that is surprisingly mild enough to delight a wide range of palates. The texture is smooth and firm with blue-green ribbons providing pockets of delicious salty blue flavour within the porcelain paste.

Berry’s Creek Riverine 150g 704448 Cheese Note 10Feb2022