Pecora Dairy Jamberoo Blue 4kg

Behind a natural tri-colour rind of blues, browns and mottled white lies an ivory paste marbled with greenish-blue veins.

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Michael and Cressida Cains founded Pecora Dairy in 2011 on 200 acres in Robertson, located in the green heart of the Southern Highlands, 100 miles south of Sydney. Their overarching philosophy is one of gentleness: towards the land, their sheep and in the production of their award winning cheeses.

Robertson lies 743m above sea level and as such enjoys generous rainfall most months of the year, producing lush pasture for their East Friesian sheep. July brings the arrival of lambs who stay close to their mothers for warmth and milk. When they begin to graze in early Spring, no longer in need of their mother’s milk, seasonal cheese production gradually increases.

Taking its name from the Aboriginal word for track, Jamberoo Blue has a natural, tri-colour rind of blue, brown and mottled white that surrounds an ivory paste marbled with greenish-blue veins.  A mild but complex blue that, when young, displays yeasty, mushroomy, spicy and slightly smoky flavours cut through the sweetness of the sheep’s milk. When fully mature, Jamberoo Blue has a wonderful combination of creamy mouth-feel, earthy spiciness and hints of mixed peel and honeysuckle. Available seasonally.

Pecora Dairy Jamberoo Blue 4kg 704658 Cheese Note 16Sept2021