Schulz Organic Dairy Fetta in Brine 200g

This organic single origin Fetta in brine from Schulz Organic Dairy is salted and cut into small cubes by hand. Medium firm with a lingering creaminess.

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Inland from the Great Ocean Road, the Schulz Organic Dairy herd of Friesian and Jersey cows graze on the grassy slopes surrounding the dairy, just as they have since 1972. Their milk travels only a few hundred metres from the dairy along a tailor-made milk pipe to the cheese factory, where it is pasteurized by gently heating to 63 degrees for 30 minutes. This less common, low temperature form of pasteurisation, helps to preserve the true flavour of their single origin, non-homogenized full cream milk. Cultures and non-animal rennet are added to the milk and the resulting curds are cut by hand and drained for several hours. The cheese matures over the next 7 days before being salted and cut into cubes by hand and packed into tubs.

These small ivory cubes of organic fetta have a medium to firm texture that yield to reveal a fine, smooth texture within. Their briny flavour is followed by a lingering creaminess that reflects the pure pastures that the cow’s graze on.

Schulz Organic Dairy Fetta in Brine 200g 706459 Cheese Note 28Jan2022