Meredith Dairy Goat Curd 1kg

Meredith Dairy Goat Curd has a light, fluffy texture and a mild, refreshing goat’s milk flavour. It is widely used in both sweet and savoury recipes.

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Meredith Dairy started in 1991 when the combination of a chance meeting with a cheesemaker and the suspension of the wool price reserve steered Julie and Sandy Cameron towards setting up a small dairy making cheeses and natural yoghurts on their farm in Victoria. Goats were added in 1996 and soon after goat’s milk cheeses and yoghurts were being made in addition to sheep’s milk products.

Today, Meredith Dairy is still a family run business located in rural Victoria in the town of the same name. Meredith Dairy is committed to making excellent dairy products, leading standards in animal husbandry and demonstrating their love of the land through several environmental programs. Over 20% of the farm is set aside for conservation, only renewable energy is used and annual tree planting programs offsets carbon, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Both their products and their dedication to sustainability, have been celebrated with many awards over the years.

Curd is the simplest style of fresh cheese, created when whey is removed from milk during the cheese making process.  High in moisture, it is best enjoyed within days of production when the bright, lactic flavour and delicate sweetness are on full display.  Great quality curd highlights great quality milk and as a farmhouse producer, Meredith Dairy’s ability to transform their goat’s milk to curd within hours of milking and with minimal handling means they can retain and capture the milk’s freshness and quality in their cheese.  Meredith Dairy Goat Curd has a mild and refreshing goat’s milk flavour.  After straining, the fluffy, pure white curd is packed in tubs.  No salt is added, allowing the chef or consumer to season it, as desired.  It’s widely used in both sweet and savoury recipes, from desserts and breads to salads and smoked fish.    

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