That’s Amore Cheese Caciocavallo Smoked 850g

Stretched by hand into a teardrop shape, the aged Caciocavallo is smoked over natural beechwood to take on this smokey, salty flavour.

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Giorgio Linguanti’s love of fine food began when working in a small shop in Sicily that specialised in products from the nearby Aeolian Islands. On arriving in Melbourne in 2004, with a love of food and speaking only Italian, he turned his hand to cheese making and in 2008 That’s Amore was born.

That’s Amore Cheese sources Australian milk that is transformed into a variety of artisan cheeses at Giorgio’s purpose built facility in Melbourne. Traditional recipes and methods are used and all his cheeses are Halal Certified, suitable for vegetarians and free from preservatives and artificial colours.

“The key to cheese making is love! This is true for everything you do, not just for cheese making. If you do everything with love, the results will be obvious – they’ve got to be good! This is why my company’s name, That’s Amore, means That’s Love.” – Giorgio Linguanti

Cow’s milk is used to make this pasta filata or ‘stretched curd’ style of cheese. Pasta filata styles require skill and the ability to ‘read’ the cheese over each production step. First farm fresh milk is pasteurised before non-animal rennet and starter cultures are added to transform it into a custard-like consistency which is then carefully cut by hand at just the right moment, to separate the curds and the whey. The curd is next hand-stretched which allows it to be moulded into the desired shape, in this case a moneybag.

The name of this Southern Italian cheese translates to ‘horse cheese’ referring to the tradition of tying two cheeses together with string and hanging them over a stick to mature which resembled a person sitting on a horse or perhaps the bags often used to carry goods on horseback.

After aging, a gentle smoking over traditional Beechwood imparts a smoky flavour and a golden colour to each cheese.

This aged mozzarella has a medium-firm texture like provolone, a smoky flavour and salty finish. Enjoy grilled for antipasto.

That’s Amore Cheese Smoked Caciocavallo 800g 705510 Cheese Note 21Feb2022

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