Yarra Valley Dairy Persian Fetta Jar 275g

Created by Mary Mooney over 25 years ago, Persian Fetta is Yarra Valley Dairy’s flagship cheese, a deliciously rustic, marinated fresh cheese.

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Yarra Valley Dairy is located in one of Australia’s premium dairy and wine regions; a picturesque part of Victoria only an hour’s drive from Melbourne. The dairy sits alongside a 100-year-old milking shed on a property known as ‘Hubertswood’ which is owned by the Mooney family and takes its name from one of the valley’s early settlers and vignerons, Hubert de Castella.

The award-winning range takes inspiration from the great cheeses of Europe, using locally sourced milk to produce uniquely Australian cheeses.

Mary Mooney first started making fresh cheeses in her kitchen over 25 years ago using milk from her farm and straining bags that she designed from linen sheets.  Her children were sent to school with cheese sandwiches and soon she started supplying local wineries with small pots of fresh cheese. Her love of food led her to a recipe for marinated cheese that featured fresh curd and ingredients that surrounded her farm; fresh thyme, garlic, bay and olive oil.  She called it Persian Fetta.

Still made in small batches, fresh curd is bound in cloth for straining, then brined for two weeks, producing a silky textured cheese that holds its shape when marinated in the blend of olive oil, fresh herbs and spices.  The saltiness of the cheese elevates that infusion, producing a full-flavoured cheese to enjoy straight from the jar. 

Add to tarts, leafy green salads, roasted root vegetables or use as a filling for ravioli.

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