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Neal’s Yard Dairy Pitchfork Cheddar 24kg

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Cheese making brothers, Todd and Maugan Trethowan, named their clothbound cheddar, Pitchfork, after the traditional tool they use to toss the curd when adding salt.

Not new to the cheese making game, the brothers made Caerphilly on their family farm in Wales for 25 years before making the move to Somerset in 2014, in search of an organic, single herd cow’s milk source.

They built their Puxton Court Farm just 8km from the village of Cheddar, so traditional cheddar seemed a logical addition to their range, not to mention that it relied on premium, raw cow’s milk like their award-winning Caerphilly.

Each wheel of Pitchfork is made by hand, from start to finish.  Such is the way of the Trethowans whose quality approach to cheese making built systems that rely on nature rather than mechanisation; gravity shifts Holstein-Friesian and Jersey milk into the dairy, rather than a pump that would damage the milk whilst curd cutting is done entirely by hand.  Once the cloth-lined hoops are filled with curds, they’re stacked in a vintage cast iron press to remove excess whey before aging for 12 months.  Dense in texture with a savoury flavour and lactic bite, this raw milk cheese is occasionally available to Calendar Cheese when a pasteurised batch is produced which then meets Australian Standards.  We jump at the chance to share this new classic.

NYD Pitchfork Cheddar 24kg 706482 Cheese Note 29Sept2021

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