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Petit Agour Pur Brebis 800g

Espelletes pimento give a distinctive rusty red appearance.The paste is dense with little elasticity leading into complex flavours.

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Ewe’s milk collected from the Bergers of the Ossau Valley and Iraty region in the Basque Pyrenees is to make this traditional hard crusted cheese. The method used in making these cheeses is claimed to be the oldest surviving tradition in the world and dates back at least 4000 years.
The lightly pressed cheese is rind washed and hand salted before being matured in cellars for six months by affineurs. The rind is dusted with the region’s speciality, Espelletes pimento, giving it a distinctive rusty red appearance.
The pâté is dense with little elasticity, yet retains a soft melting creamy texture in the mouth when chewed. The cheese is full with complex flavours on the palate.

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