Beppino Occelli Foglie Di Castagno 1.6kg

This mixed milk cheese is ripened in a traditional wrap of dried chestnut leaves.

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In 1976, Beppino Occelli founded his dairy at the base of the Maritime Alps in the hilly region known as the Langhe in northern Italy. The alpine pastures there provided the local cows, goats and sheep with rich feed that produced incredible milk; the foundation on which Occelli’s cheeses were to be made – and still are today.

A blend of cow and sheep’s milk is used to create this cheese which is carefully wrapped by hand in Foglie di Castagno (chestnut leaves) before maturation of 18 months. Tannins from the leaves suppress mould development on the natural rind as the cheese ages.

Wheels are selected once they have developed a dense texture, brown sugar sweetness, vegetal character and sharp finish.

Beppino Occelli Foglie Di Castagno 1.6kg 705996 Notes CCC 30June 2020