Beppino Occelli Al Malto D'Orzo E Whisky - Goat & Cow's Milk 1.6kg

This semi-hard mixed milk cheese is brushed with whisky and enrobed with malted barley.

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The hilly pastures of the Langhe, at the base of the Maritime Alps in Northern Italy, provide rich feed for the goats and cows that graze there. Cheese Maker Beppino Occelli uses their full-flavoured milk to produce this semi-hard cheese that is carefully brushed with whisky and enrobed with malted barley before aging. The result is a dynamic flavour with hints of sweetness that pairs beautifully with dark craft beers or whisky that has cereal or malty notes.

Beppino Occelli Al Malto D’Orzo E Whisky Goat and Cow 1.6kg – 705999 Cheese Note CCC 31Mar2021