Casa Madaio Calcagno 16kg

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In the rugged Sardinian hills, when the northwest mistral winds retreat and the sun warms the days in April, the wild herbs and grasses grow and local sheep rear their lambs.  Through July, excess milk is collected to create large wheels of Calcagno.

The Madaio family collects wheels from a handful of small family dairies, who stop production in July so the sheep can nurse their lambs until the following spring, and matures the wheels in their caves at Castelcivita.  There the sweet and herbaceous milk is concentrated in flavour as the cheese matures for 7 – 8 months before being released. The smooth, dense texture and complex flavour makes this a cheese to enjoy on its own or showcased in prepared dishes. Calcagno is especially good when paired with local white wine varietals such as Vermentino.

Casa Madaio Calcagno 16kg 706399 Cheese Note CCC 22Jan2021