Heidi Farm Gruyere 10kg

With excellent melting properties this cheese is often used in a classic croque monsieur and is perfect for grilling, soufflé, quiche and fondue.

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Frank and Elizabeth Marchand set up a small dairy farm near Deloraine in the north of Tasmania in 1986. Frank, originally from Switzerland, began making traditional Swiss-style mountain cheeses – Gruyere, Raclette, Tilsit and Emmental, just as he had back in his homeland. Their cheeses were sold direct from the farm, at the famous Salamanca markets in Hobart and then further afield as their popularity grew. While production has increased from those early farmhouse days, Heidi Farm cheeses are still made from local Tassie milk using traditional techniques at the Saputo Dairy in Burnie, only a short drive from Frank and Elizabeth’s original farm.

Cultures and non-animal rennet set the curd before it is cut into tiny, rice-sized grains that are then washed and reheated before hooping and pressing. These steps create a fine, smooth textured paste and firm, elastic texture.

The large 10kg wheels are washed and brushed throughout maturation, encouraging the development of brevibacterium lines on the damp rind. This orange-coloured, pungent bacteria is slightly sticky to the touch and provides a rich, savoury flavour that compliments the nuttiness of the cheese within. Known for its excellent melting properties this cheese is perfect for grilling, soufflé, quiche and fondue.

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