L'Amuse Rispen's Sheep Cheese 4kg

This sheep’s milk cheese has a complex grassy flavour with a fresh, milky finish.

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For three generations, the Rispen family has raised sheep on their farm in the hamlet of Morra in north-eastern Friesland. Just in from the Wadden Sea, the marshland pasture is rich in marine nutrients making it ideal for grazing.

The newest generation of Rispen’s, brother and sister team Ype and Janita, maintain a herd of 400 Lacaune ewes whose high protein, high fat milk is perfect for making cheese. Each ewe provides just 2L of milk per day, which is collected for the local cheesemaker, Kaasklust, to transform into wheels of cheese that will be aged for 5 months.

Betty Koster of L’Amuse hand-selects wheels for us that reflect the regional terroir; a complex grassy flavour with a fresh, milky finish. 

LAmuse Rispens Sheep Cheese 4kg 706007 Cheese Note CCC 31July2020

NOTE: The Wadden Sea is an UNESCO World Heritage site.  This protected area is famous for its flora and fauna. The Rispen’s farm maintains 16 hectares of land for meadow bird management.  Visitors to the farm can observe some of the incredible local birdlife, in addition to the daily milking sessions.