L'Artisan Cheese - Organic Raclette 7g

This organic cheese is nutty, buttery and has a smooth texture – delicious when melted and spooned over potatoes and served with cornichons.

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Matthieu Megard grew up in the French Alps surrounded by classic Alpine cheeses. Soon after moving to Australia he set up his own dairy to share the cheeses from his childhood and home country with all of us ‘down under’.  In 2010 L’ Artisan Cheese – Organic was born and today, he produces a range of different styles of cheese, all of which are made by hand using selected Australian organic milk.

As a third generation French cheesemaker, ‘terroir’ is important to Matthieu and so choosing organic milk to allow the best expression of that ‘terroir’ is a crucial step in his cheese making process. Matthieu personally selects the finest organic milk from family owned dairies found in the South West of Victoria – a celebrated dairy region of Australia.  This milk is handled with the utmost care at every step of the cheese making process. Everything is done by hand at L’Artisan Cheese – Organic, which means every batch, and every cheese receives very special attention.

Each wheel of L’Artisan Raclette is pressed for 12 hours in cloth before being salted in a brine bath. During maturation on special oak boards, a brine solution is carefully applied to its rind every second day imparting a reddish tinge after 12 weeks. Each wheel is aged until it develops a semi-hard texture, smooth paste and robust flavour with nutty notes and a buttery finish. Whilst it can be served as a table cheese, it truly comes into its own when melted. The sweet, nutty flavour is delicious when melted in a fondue and even better, when served in the traditional French manner; melted and spooned over potatoes with cornichons on the side.

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