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Brie Dongé

Brie de Meaux is the benchmark of authentic Brie production and the Dongé (pronounced Don-jay) family recipe is widely considered the best.

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The Dongé family has adapted their recipe for the Australian market using pasteurised milk to produce a cheese that captures the raw-milk flavour of Brie de Meaux.

Milk is collected from a small farming cooperative of dairies within 30km of their family-owned fromagerie and a selected blend of cultures is used to develop flavour in the curd, with nearly 25 litres of milk needed to create just one 3kg wheel. After 24 hours, they are carefully removed from the moulds and a generous dose of salt is rubbed on the surface before maturation of 4 – 8 weeks in Dongé’s cellars. A thin, pencillium candidum rind develops, as well as traditional raw milk flavours of mushroom and butter.

Available in 2 formats:

1kg wheel Dongé Brie 1kg Calendar Cheese Note 706321

3kg wheel Dongé Brie 3kg Calendar Cheese Note 706322

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