Fromager d'Affinois Double Creme with Truffles 2kg

Distinguished by its silky texture, the addition of truffles make this a luxurious component to any cheese platter.

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Made by Fromagerie Guilloteau near Pelussin in the Rhone valley this cheese utilises ultra filtration techniques and modern lactic fermentation techniques to boost the protein and calcium levels in the curd. Made with added cream and black Perigord truffles, the wheels are then ripened for three weeks under a thin white mould rind covering the cheese gradually develops a mild sweet milk flavour with a hint of mushroom.
The silky texture of the cheese distinguishes it from other traditional white rind types.
This cheese is made seasonally with one release around March and the second around September.

Fromager d’affinois Truffles_700840