Fromagerie Jacquin Buche de Montresor 250g

Distinguished by the straw that runs through the centre, this cheese has been made for around a thousand years. The ashed rind makes a stunning contrast to the ivory white centre.

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The village of Sainte Maure lies south of Poitiers, in a region famous for goat’s milk cheese. The small log-shaped cheese is a traditional shape particular to this district. A distinguishing characteristic of Buche de Montresor is the straw stuck through the centre of the cheese when it is made. This prevents the fragile curds from falling apart when the cheese is first removed from the long moulds and also provides ventilation for drying. As the cheese ripens, the ash covered rind develops a mottled blue mould growth, and the dry creamy centre softens to a smooth and very fine textured with a lingering condensed aftertaste.
The raw milk version of this cheese which is protected by an AOP des- ignation, St Maure de Touraine, is sadly denied by Australian authori- ties for sale here.

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