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Marcel 180g

Marcel is handmade with organic cow’s milk and a geotrichum mould surface. A young cheese is firm to touch and mild in flavour which softens and becomes more pungent as it ripens.

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Inspired by the Saint Marcellin cheeses found in the Rhône-Alps region of Eastern France.

Originally from the French Alps, Matthieu Megard values the importance of ‘terroir’ in the cheese making process to reflect the local environment and selects the finest organic milk from family owned dairies in the South West of Victoria.

Marcel is handmade with organic cow’s milk and has a geotrichum mould rind enveloping the soft white paste underneath. This paste gently ripens over time to form a rich, dense texture becoming oozy with age. The flavour is mildly earthy and savoury when young and is slightly firm to the touch. With time, Marcel’s stronger, full bodied flavour develops becoming deliciously soft and spreadable at room temperature.

L’Artisan Cheese Organic Marcel 180g Calendar Cheese Note 705320

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