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Milawa Goat Camembert 150g

Milawa Goat Camembert combines the earthy flavour of a traditional camembert with the sweet, lactic and zesty flavours of a goat’s milk cheese.

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Sweet, lactic and zesty flavours of goat’s milk combine with the earthy flavour of a traditional camembert. Milawa Cheese Company was established in the 1980s by artisan cheese pioneers David and Anne Brown to create European style cheeses in Australia and today the family run business produces a range of handcrafted cheeses at the historic Milawa Butter Factory. The Gough family farm is an hour’s drive from Milawa and they have supplied goat’s milk to Milawa for generations.

Within hours of its arrival, the milk begins its transformation into cheese. Gentle handling of the curd ensures a soft, creamy texture and each small round is turned daily to allow the white, bloomy rind to develop evenly throughout its maturation. Underneath the rind, the ivory white paste is firm when young, becoming soft and runny as it matures. This handcrafted cheese has a delicate goat’s milk flavour and the rind a mushroomy aroma when young, becoming more earthy with age.

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