Sevre & Belle Mothais Sur Feuille

Geotrichum mould is used to give Mothais sur Feuille a distinctive wrinkly surface and the chestnut leaf surrounding it helps to develop a beautiful aromatic, woody aroma.

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Sevre & Belle is a century-old dairy cooperative in Poitou- Charentes; a region famous for its many varieties of goat’s milk cheese.
Mothais sur Feuille is hand-ladled which produces a delicately textured cheese – a result unmatched by mechanisation. It takes its name from La-Mothe-Saint-Héray, where the cheese has been made and sold there since the mid 19th Century.
The chestnut leaf surrounding it helps to develop aroma, absorb humidity of the cheese in order to give it a softer and creamier texture, as well as a thinner rind.
The cheese takes on an earthy/woody flavour & aroma, and a tangy nutty flavour, developing as the cheese ages and becomes denser.

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