Margaret River Dairy Company Whicher Triple Cream 200g

A delicious Australian triple cream from the beautiful Margaret River region in WA. This cheese takes it name from the same Margaret’s own surname.

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A scenic 3 hour drive south of Perth finds you in the beautiful south west region of WA. This region enjoys a warm summer Mediterranean climate year round and rich, fertile soils that support tall Karri trees, world class vineyards and lush dairy pastures. A few miles inland from the famous surf beaches you will find the small town of Margaret River, where on the outskirts, the Margaret River Dairy Company is located. Both take their name from Margaret Whicher, the cousin of local pioneer John Garrett Bussell who founded nearby Busselton in 1831. Margaret was considered to be so beautiful that was often referred to locally as the ‘the Bewhicher’.

Margaret River Dairy began in 1966 when Italian artisan cheesemakers began selling their farmhouse cheese and ricotta in Perth, before relocating to the rolling green pastures of the south west where they are today. The dairy sources milk from local farms to produce a range of handcrafted dairy products, the jewel in their crown is Whicher Triple Cream Cheese.

The recipe for Whicher Triple Cream Cheese 200g has been perfected over many years to honour Margaret Whicher and showcase the very best attributes of the rich, local milk in this small, surface ripened white mould cheese. The rind has an aroma of fresh mushrooms, under which, the creamy, glossy paste has a gentle ooziness when fully ripe. Extra cream is added to this handcrafted cheese making the texture rich and silky smooth. The flavour is buttery and delicately sweet, making this a beautifully delicious Australian cheese that some might even say is ‘bewhiching’.

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