Schulz Organic Dairy Natural Greek Yogurt 500g

This classic tangy, thick textured Greek-style yogurt is pot set and retains a layer of cream on top.

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Since 1972 and across three generations, the Schulz family has been at the forefront of organic and biodynamic dairy farming in Australia. Producing the highest quality milk from their single herd of Friesian and Jersey cows, the family’s aim is to make real dairy products that are simple, pure and delicious by processing small batches with great care right on their farm in Timboon.

Schulz Organic Dairy is set on more than 800 acres of fertile land in Victoria’s southwest, just in from the Great Ocean Road. The use of organic farming principles enhances the vitality of the soil, grass and animals, keeping the land free of chemicals, hormones and pesticides.

Today, the dairy is led by Simon Schulz who has made sustainability a primary focus of the business. Ethical treatment and comfort of the cattle, as well as water and soil management, are initiatives that add to their social and environmental commitments.

Schulz’s Greek Yogurt is free of stabilisers, thickeners or additives.  Probiotic cultures – acidophilus, bifidus and L. Casein – are added to the certified organic milk to develop a gentle acidity and thick texture.  The yogurt is then strained to remove whey, providing a thicker texture again. The milk is unhomogenised, so a thick layer of cream sits on top. 

Handle the pots carefully and don’t stir before use.  Once broken by your spoon, the protein-rich whey will separate from the curd, as you’ll see after the first scoop.  Before the next serve, pour the pooling whey in your bowl before you ladle more yogurt, so you don’t miss the nutrients.