Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese Minikin 150g

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Barry Charlton established Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese in 2007 in one of the most picturesque parts of Gippsland.  He specialises in blue cheese and we affectionately refer to him as Australia’s ‘Master of Blue’. Barry, along with his partner Cheryl Hulls and the Berry’s Creek team have produced an extensive range of award winning cheese. Accolades include The Australian Grand Dairy Awards, The Melbourne Fine Food Awards, and The World Cheese Awards. With over 40 years of experience in cheese making, Barry’s skills and experience are well recognized in the cheese world and he is often invited to judge at international events.

After a reign of success from his cow’s milk cheeses, Barry created Riverine Blue, a cheese made from 100% buffalo’s milk. This porcelain white, creamy milk comes from a small herd of Riverine Buffalo that graze nearby. The buffaloes are milked daily on the farm and the milk is collected by Barry in the early hours of the morning and brought back to his purpose built dairy in South Gippsland that has stunning views over Wilson’s Prom. It’s a scenic part of Victoria and the locally sourced milk Barry uses in his cheeses provides a taste of this beautiful place with every mouthful of his delicious cheese.

Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese’s Minikin is a unique blend of this local buffalo’s milk and local cow’s milk. Unlike Barry’s other cheeses it is small in size – hence its name meaning small or dainty. While small in stature this little cheese is big on flavour. This is a special surface ripened white mould cheese with a delicious buttery flavour and subtle notes of mushrooms and cauliflower.  It has a firm, creamy texture when young and as the Minikin gently ages, the heart remains firm and a silky ooziness develops under the rind.

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