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Developed from a traditional cheese of the region known as Chevru during the 1980’s by the Rouzaire family, this surface ripened cheese is made using milk collected in the old Brie region. The curd is cut early to speed up draining. Rouzaire is the sole producer of Fougerus. Milk is sourced from 20 local farms located in the Seine-et-Marne region south of Paris.

The ‘affinage’ takes 6 weeks at 26°C in the family’s underground brick lined cellars in the village of Tournan-en-Brie. The cheese takes its name from the ‘fougeres’ or bracken leaves it is wrapped in, as it matured (these are sourced from the Loire Valley).

When fully ripened or ‘a point’ the white mould has red and brown spots discolouration but inside the paste is rich and full of flavour. Earthy, savoury vegetal tones & mushrooms.

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