Fromage de Meaux

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The benchmark brie, Brie de Meaux, originated from the plains north and south of the village of Meaux, close to the Seine and Marne rivers south-east of Paris. To carry the name Brie de Meaux the cheese must be made from raw milk, and in Australia we are only able to buy the pasteurised version. The pasteurised version of the authentic Brie de Meaux is called Fromage de Meaux.

Selected by the Rouzaire family of affineurs and matured on rye grass mats in the village of Tournan in the Brie region.
A properly matured cheese has a slightly rippled white rind flecked with red spots. Inside the soft unctuous texture has a rich creamy clotted flavour with just hint of pasture and straw, sometimes a truffle aroma is present in exceptional cheeses.

Notes: Brie de Meaux was accorded the title of Prince of Cheeses (later elevated to King) at the congress of Vienna after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815.

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