NEW! L’Artisan Cheese – Organic Petit Fleuri 200g

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A little bit French, a little bit Aussie and 100% totally delicious. That’s how we like to think of Matthieu Megard’s organic cheeses. Matthieu grew up in the French Alps surrounded by classic Alpine cheeses. He moved to Australia and in 2010 L’ Artisan Organic Dairy was born to share the cheeses from his childhood and home with all of us ‘down under’. 

Using local organic milk from a dairy found near the Great Ocean Road in the South West of Victoria, L’ Artisan Organic Dairy produces over 10 different styles of cheese, all of which are made by hand using Organic Australian milk – and a little bit of French magic.

As a third generation French cheesemaker Matthieu knows and cares about ‘terroir’ and so choosing organic milk to allow the best expression of that ‘terroir’ is important to him. 

Matthieu works with the Smith Family Organic Farm on the Great Ocean Road. The Smiths look after their pastures organically with no pesticides. They don’t feed their Jersey cows any silage, which makes for happy cows and great milk. Only protected from the wild Great Southern Ocean by a sand dune, the Smith Farm is the epitome of the local ‘terroir’. The precious milk is given very special care at every step of the cheese making process. Everything is done by hand, from skimming to moulding, and every batch, every cheese receives special attention. 

This wonderful milk allows the L’Artisan team to craft products ranging from the Extravagant Triple Cream to the Mepunga Gruyere for us all to enjoy.

Petit Fleuri is a surface ripened white mould cheese developed by Matthieu Megard. Made from organic milk with added cream this luscious double brie cheese has a rich yellow coloured interior that as it ripens develops a rich, buttery texture and mild, creamy flavour, with just a hint of garlic chives.  Code 705977