NYD Hafod Clothbound Cheddar 10kg



Hafod; meaning ‘summer place’ or ‘pasture’ in Welsh, is a cow’s milk cheddar made in small batches on Holden Farm Dairy by Cheese- maker Rob Howard.

The farm’s milking herd of 65 Ayrshire cattle produce a modest yield of organic milk, rich in butterfat and protein, making it ideal for cheese production. Hand- made, normally only from raw milk, this exceptional cheese was developed with the help of Randolph Hodgson using an old, slow set cheddar recipe found in a nineteenth century book. Throughout the year, several batches of pasteurized Hafod were made, and having tasted it next to the raw milk version, we were thoroughly impressed and jumped at the opportunity to bring this sensational ‘eater ‘ to Australia

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Weight 10000 g

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