Chabert Tomme d’Abondance AOP

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This rare cheese dates back to the twelfth century Abbaye d’Abondance and is one of only two French ‘appellation‘ cheeses to share a name with a breed of local cattle. Sometimes known as the baby brother of Beaufort because of its small size and concave sides, production is limited to small farms and cooperative dairies in the d’alpage of the Haute Savoie.
All cheese is made from fresh, unpasteurised milk using small copper cauldrons, before being drained in wooden hoops, and pressed overnight.
After hand-salting, the cheeses are matured for a minimum of ten months on spruce boards. The result is a firm cheese with an amber-coloured rind and supple texture with a fruity, slightly vegetal finish that can be more hazelnut depending on the season – very special indeed.

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