Eschire Butter Unsalted AOP 250g

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The Echire Co-operative still uses a traditional baratte to gently churn their butter, having resisted the transition to modern industrial churns made of stainless steel.
The company attributes its high quality to the premium cream col- lected daily from farms not more than 50km from the dairy, the local spring water used in production and the gentle churning of the butter in the baratte. The result is a unique light texture and elegant flavour with just a hint of hazelnut in the finish – only found in beurre de baratte.
The butter is wrapped in a gold foil and tucked into a wooden basket by hand.
Notes: Poitou-Charentes is one of the two AOP butter producing regions in France. Butter from this region is known for its lighter colour and clean cream flavour.

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Weight 250 g