Symphonie Comte AOP

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Comte is a type of Gruyere, similar to the large mountain cheeses made in the Alps, on the borders of France and Switzerland. Their name is derived from forests known as gruyeres whose timber was once used as fuel to heat the copper cauldrons of cheese curd. These cheeses are made at small dairies, known as fruitieres, in the Jura and are carefully graded before, during and after maturation.
We select all of our Comte from affineur Marcel Petite who matures the young wheels under a cold maturation system at 1,100 metres in the old underground Fort of Saint Antoine. Only a few wheels are selected for extra maturation, up to 20 months. They are branded under the special label ‘Symphonie’ and are selected because of the development of intense flavour and supple texture which is in perfect balance.
The rich milk of the Montbéliard cows that graze the natural mountains pastures, the care and know-how of the cheese maker and the expert affinage of Marcel Petite are fundamental to such a prized and rare cheese.


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