Aphrodite Haloumi 250g

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Haloumi was originally created by Cypriot shepherds as a unique and very practical way of preserving surplus milk during the spring, but today most examples are made throughout the year using cows’ milk.

Will came across this authentic handmade Haloumi whilst filming in Cyprus and immediately fell for its delicious texture and flavour, which is quite different to its mass-produced industrial cousins.
Aphrodite Haloumi is one of the few examples of Haloumi still formed into pockets by hand, the traditional old-fashioned way and is made from a combination of goats’ and ewes’ milk.

Ewes’ milk is high in fat and this is responsible for the delicious brown crust that forms when the cheese is grilled or fried, whilst the goats’ milk provides a firm yet elastic texture, and a subtle lingering lemony tang.

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