Kefalotyri 200g

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Kefalotyri is the oldest traditional hard cheese made in Greece.
It takes its name from ‘Kefali’, meaning ‘head’ and ‘Tyri’, meaning ‘cheese’. Will has selected this authentic handmade example from the Epirus region in northwestern Greece because it’s produced from a combination of both ewe’s and goat’s milk.
After pressing and brine salting, the cheese is dry salted and ripened for 3–4 months until the hard, slightly irregular texture has developed a mild herbaceous salty tang. It can vary slightly in texture and colour according to the seasons and the proportion of each type of milk available.
Often used as a table cheese or grating cheese, Kefalotyri is also considered to be the most authentic cheese used for Saganaki. When pan-fried in slices, the unique combination of non-bovine milks used in Artemis Kefalotyri produces a dish with a delicious brown crust, rich moist firm texture, and lingering savoury finish. Simply serve with a squeeze of lemon.

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