Formaggio Di Capra Ubriacato Al Traminer

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The Perenzin Family have been making cheese for 4 generations. They practice a unique blend of modern, innovative cheese making, whilst remaining true to local history and traditions.
A close sibling to the Vino Rosso, the Capra Ubriaco al Traminer is similarly inspired by times past. Cheeses were hidden in fermenting grape must, keeping them protected during times of unrest, from warring factions and landlords alike!
Ubriaco translates to ‘Drunken’, a common group name for cheeses cured in wine and must.
10 days in Traminer grape must impart a floral, wine-like flavour to this mild, goats’ milk cheese. Some of the grape skins are retained on the rind, creating a striking visual element as a platter or table cheese.

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