L’Amuse Brabander 9kg

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The porcelain-white paste of this cheese is a stark contrast to the deep amber colour synonymous with classic Dutch gouda.

This is a goat’s milk gouda – a lesser known variety made in the 

Netherlands since the early 1800s.  

Brabander comes from the Brabant region in the south.  The fresh milk of Saanen goats is used to create large wheels of gouda that will age for 3-weeks before selection by oplegger (ripener) Betty Koster for maturation at her facility, just outside of Amsterdam.   

Betty’s technique of maturing gouda in warm maturation rooms is unique in the Netherlands.  The higher temperature and humidity encourage complex flavours of butter, caramel and toasted hay to develop whilst maintaining the moisture in the cheese. Tyrosine crystals emerge and fleck the paste, providing a satisfying crunch.  

Betty and husband Martin started their cheese shop, L’Amuse, in 1989 specialising in premium local and international cheeses.  Their close connection to small local cheesemakers and meticulous care in maturation, have put a spotlight on the super quality of artisan Dutch gouda.


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