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This small drum of cheese was created by the monks of Bellelay abbey in Switzerland and is closely related to Gruyere. Traditionally Tête de Moine was only made from summer milk and sold from when the first leaves of autumn began to fall until March. Today it is made and sold throughout the year.
The name Tête de Moine was allegedly coined by the French during the 1790’s and relates to a shaved monk’s head. It has taken on a whole new meaning since the introduction of a cheese cutter known as a ‘Girolle’ in the 1980’s. This spiked device shaves the cheese into wafer thin rosettes.
All Tête de Moine is made using raw milk, normally this cheese is sold after four months but in order to meet Australian regulations we arrange for selected cheeses to be matured a minimum six months or longer. This additional maturation ensures an exceptional cheese with a condensed nutty texture and slightly sweet, fruity and toffee finish.

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