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Recent changes to Swiss government controls over milk and cheese production have created opportunities for many small producers to develop new innovative regional cheeses. One such dairy is run by the Stadelmann family. Second generation cheesemaker Thomas Stadelmann has a passion for creating different cheeses, made in the ‘mountain’ style. Toggenburger Blumenkäse is one of our favourites.
Made using unpasteurized organic milk, and with a texture not unlike gruyere, the cheese has grassy, fresh pasture notes balanced by the sweetness of creamy caramel.
The cheeses are turned and lightly washed throughout maturation, which helps to maintain moisture and adds a hint of barnyard to the rind.
(In some cases hayflowers are added to the rind, imparting a delicate herbaceous flavour to the cheese, which can then be called Heublumen.)

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