Käserei Tufertschwil Chällerhocker

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The region of St Gallen is renowned for its Appenzeller production and until recently, tightly controlled Swiss regulations ensured cheese makers there made the famous recipe to strict standards. When the regulations were relaxed, Master Cheesemaker Walter Räss – an Appenzeller maker himself decided to make something different.

In 2003, Walter embarked on his first batch of a new cheese. The result was reminiscent of the Appenzeller but used rich, pure Jersey milk and a secret blend of wine, herbs and spices. He aged it for 8 long months, so he named it ‘Challerhocker’ meaning ‘sitting in a cellar.’

Walter washes each wheel continuously throughout its maturation, producing a robust, tacky rind. The wash also contributes to the nutty aroma of the dense, white paste. Malty and sweet with a spicy finish, Challerhocker is a truly modern cheese with a loyal new following.

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