Mauri Gorgonzola Dolce Bonta Della Bonta DOP

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The most popular form of Gorgonzola, in Italy today, is known as Dolce or sweet Gorgonzola. But the cheese exported under this name is usually quite firm in texture when compared to the luscious soft blue cheese enjoyed by the locals. Apparently, this is because the soft versions are too delicate to export.
But once you experience the texture and flavours of a carefully ripened ‘dolce’, spooned from the centre of a whole wheel, in delicious sticky dollops, you may understand why the best ‘Dolce‘ is kept at home.
Gorgonzola Bonta delle Bonta is matured deep in the Mauri family’s natural caves for 120 days. After years of just being available only to those locals ‘in the know’, we have finally convinced them we can handle it.
Soft, sweet, with a subtle creamy texture, and piquant finish.


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