Yarra Valley Dairy

Yarra Valley Dairy

Yarra Valley Dairy is located in one of Australia’s premium dairy and wine regions in a picturesque part of Victoria only an hour’s drive from Melbourne. There is a long history of cheese making in this region and the local farms still produce the fine quality, rich cow’s milk used at the dairy. Goat’s is milk delivered regularly from a family owned property in the Mansfield region nestled at the foothills of Victoria’s High Country. 

The dairy sits alongside a 100-year-old milking shed, on a property known as ‘Hubertswood’, owned by the Mooney family and taking its name from one of the valley’s early settlers and vignerons – Hubert de Castella.

A variety of award-winning cheese is made in this historic location, taking inspiration from the great cheeses of Europe and combining this with fresh, local milk, to produce uniquely Australian cheeses that showcase the best of both. 

The Dairy produces an impressive variety of cheeses including fresh curd, marinated fresh cheeses, and mature white moulds and have recently added washed rinds to their award winning range.