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Cinco Jotas Jamon Ibérico

Cinco Jotas Jamon Ibérico

Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Ham, the highest grading in Ibérico ham is enjoyed by only a few brands in Spain. Cinco Jotas Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Ham is made with only one additional ingredient; salt is used in the curing process before the Jamon is matured for three years using mountain air in natural curing cellars.

Jabugo, birthplace of acorn-fed 100% Ibérico ham, has been home to Cinco Jotas since 1879. A privileged location surrounded by dehesas (meadows) with a unique climate, the perfect combination of cool and warm nuanced ocean breezes, ideal for creating the world-famous ham.



703637 5J Iberico Jamon Back Leg Hand Sliced 40g                        2 x 12 PER/CTN

703638 5J Iberico Jamon Back Leg Hand Sliced 80g                             12 PER/CTN

 700004 5J Iberico Jamon Back Leg Boneless Whole 3kg                        1 PER/CTN

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