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Caviar Wholesale

Indulge with our finest caviars, sustainably sourced from across the world. Calendar offers a fine selection of imported caviar from Ars Italica®, Black Pearl, including Oscietra, Baerii, Beluga & White Sturgeon caviar varietals offering the ultimate in luxury and celebration. Distributed across Australia – click here for our contact details.

We import our caviar in “Mother tins” weighing 1–1.8 kilos. It is stored in our dedicated Calendar caviar room in the Sydney warehouse at -4°C. At any given point, there is around 100 kilos of caviar in this room.

The Calendar team carefully monitor each mother tin, and assess the maturation and quality of the caviar at every repack, making sure the finest grade is packed into smaller tins to order (sized anywhere between 10g and 250g, depending on customer needs).

Calendar was the first caviar importer to be granted permission to mature and pack fresh caviar in Australia.

Our entire caviar portfolio at Calendar is certified sustainable by “Friend of the Sea”.

Ars Italica Oscietra

Calvisius Tradition White Sturgeon Caviar

Black Pearl Oscietra Black Caviar

Black Pearl Oscietra Gold Caviar

Black Pearl Beluga Caviar

Anna Dutch Siberian Caviar

Anna Dutch Oscietra Caviar

Aquna Gold Murray Cod Caviar

Black Pearl Salmon Caviar

WA Scampi Caviar


Caviar Masterclass

Join our dedicated caviar ambassadors from Calendar for a unique caviar masterclass. You will experience a vertical caviar tasting, matched with champagne and vodka. The team will talk you through the fascinating history and origin of caviar, dating back to the fourth century through time, to the state of the actual caviar market. You will discover how to best enjoy caviar and how to select the finest quality. For more information, please contact your account manager or customer service team.

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