Julianne's Kitchen Apple and Thyme Paste 100g

Traditionally made using natural ingredients, these pastes make an ideal cheese accompaniment.

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Product Description

Julianne’s Kitchen is an Australian company, based in NSW where, for over a decade, they have sourced the best produce and specialised in making artisan, handmade products. Their award winning range is free of artificial colours, additives and flavours and is made using traditional techniques.

Julianne’s Kitchen fruit pastes are hand crafted using only natural ingredients and time, drying the fruit into the firm consistency of paste. Fruit pastes are ideal to serve with cheese, as a stuffing or in a sauce for pork, chicken or game birds. These fruit pastes have an intense depth of flavour that comes about as a result of using the whole fruit when in season.

This apple and thyme paste is equally at home as an accompaniment to roast pork and on a cheese platter served alongside cheeses such as Camembert or washed rinds. The sweetness of the fruit complimenting their salty, savoury flavours.

Juliannes Kitchen Fruit Paste Range 17 Sept 2020